The Importance of Proper Floor Preparation Before Installing New Flooring

When it comes to laying new flooring, the preparation phase is as crucial as the installation itself. At Harrow Floor Gallery, we understand that a well-prepared foundation is key to a successful flooring project. Recently, at a networking event, flooring expert and ex-US Airforce Veteran, Chuck Harold, shared insights into our meticulous floor preparation process, which ensures durability and aesthetic appeal of your new floor.

Floor preparation involves several critical steps, starting with the removal of the old flooring. Whether it’s tearing out hardwood, vinyl, laminate, or carpet, the goal is to reach a perfectly flat surface. At a recent job at the Kings Ridge clubhouse, the scale of the project required us to bring in additional crew and even use a ride-on machine for efficient removal. This step is fundamental because any imperfections left behind can affect the final result.

Once the old floor is removed, the next step is to make the substrate smooth and even. This often involves skimming to fill in gaps and create a level surface. In some cases, especially with concrete floors, we need to grind down high spots and fill in low spots. This process is labor-intensive and might require getting down on hands and knees to ensure every inch of the floor is perfectly prepared.

Grinding and filling are not just about aesthetics but are crucial for the structural integrity of the floor. Any unevenness can lead to problems with the installation of new materials and might cause issues like cracking or buckling in the future. That’s why at Harrow Floor Gallery, we take great care to scrutinize every detail.

For hardwood floors, the removal process is particularly intricate. We can’t simply pull up pieces randomly; it requires strategic cutting into squares and systematically removing each section to avoid damage to the subfloor.

Investing time and effort into floor preparation might seem tedious, but it is essential for a flawless finish. It ensures that your new flooring not only looks great but also lasts longer, providing better value for your investment.

For anyone planning a flooring project, remember that the success of your new floor lies beneath the surface.

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